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God's Word for the coming week...

Romans 4:24-25 Let us reflect this week on the basis of our “rightness” before God.  Are we resting solely in the work of God in Jesus to save us, or are we “adding” some other requirements?
Dates To Remember...

Sept  24 & 25-Cardboard Box City       

Oct 3rd-9th-Family Promise       
Contact Lynne Ciliento for information

Remember in Prayer...

  • Those in the congregation who continue to deal with health issues.
  • Family Promise-many will be lead to volunteer and that God will be glorified during the week we host the families in need.
  • Continue to keep the “Funding Drive” in your thoughts and prayers.

Why Do You Call Yourself A Christian?

“The words 'it was credited to him [Abraham]' were written not for him alone, but also for us, to whom God will credit righteousness-for us who believe in him who raised Jesus our Lord from the dead.  He was delivered over to death for our sins and was raised to life for our justification.”  - Romans 4:24-25

Sometimes we hear people say about others, “How can they call themselves Christians?  They do this or that.”  Maybe we have judged other people in the same way by questioning their “Christianity” or their relationship with God in Christ because of something they have done which “we” feel is inconsistent, or a violation, of our view of “being a Christian.”

In such moments, the gospel risks corruption.  No longer is the atoning work of Christ through his death and resurrection-and one's acceptance of that by faith-sufficient for “being right” with God.  Something else-some other standard of behavior- has been added as a requirement or a measuring stick for “being a Christian” and has denied the sufficiency of work of Christ.  In the days of the New Testament, various practices such as circumcision, the keeping of the Sabbath, or other traditions encroached upon the purity of the gospel message.  Today, we have our own categories of actions and beliefs that, if “added” as a requirement to “be a good Christian” pervert the gospel.  Perhaps we don't mean for that to be the case, but it happens nonetheless.

Being “right” with God is not based upon “being a good person.”  Not even Jesus was willing to accept being called “good” (see Luke 18:19).  And in this world, who decides what makes up “being good”?  “A good person” is a relative term and cannot be consistently defined.  The truth is that we are “all sinners and fall short of the glory of God.”  Right-ness with God is credited to us on the basis of our faith, not on the basis of our performance in the eyes of other people.  We may not agree with how some people who are in Christ behave, or even what they may believe on some matters, but our assessment of their actions and thoughts does not make them any “less” in Christ.  If we feel compelled to judge others, perhaps it is ourselves we should first consider.  Are we perverting the gospel by putting requirements upon others that detract from the sufficiency of Christ's sacrifice? 

Righteousness is credited to us on the basis of our faith.  It is not something we earn.  Praise God that we are in Christ based on God's work in Christ and our acceptance of that work by faith!

Connecting ... to the church family at Monmouth & the community

September Hostess of the Month
Vernell Fuller

Cleaning Team for coming week
Team  Tango
Fall Adult Bible Class …

Starting today, our fall adult class will center on Ephesians and Colossians as we study “Being in Christ, Living in Christ.” 
The class will be led by Alan Greatorex and Charles Rix.



Righteousness by Faith

  • How is righteousness (rightness with God) gained?


  • What are ways that we “add to the gospel,”  or ways in which we put requirements for being a “good Christian” upon people that detract from the gospel message?



September Hostess of the Month - Vernell Fuller

Cleaning Team for coming week - Team  Tango